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JNR Design Solutions LLC has a 5-star rating on

"JNR took care of both the design and project management of the remodel of my 75-year-old kitchen The design approach was flexible and completely adapted to my objectives and design style. Throughout the project I received frequent updates which allowed me to stay focused on my own work, without worrying about the remodel derailing in my absence. My kitchen is now gorgeous, and was completed on budget within the 5 weeks originally planned."
      - Anna W., San Jose, CA

"…The difference with Thom’s approach to that of the regular contractor is that he is fully engaged from design to completion. He has a knack for design, color coordination and has innovate ideas. He designed the space with CAD software so I could get a feel for it before the actual work began.

He coordinated the work on-site and was always available to answer any questions. He has an extensive network of specialists that he engages in his projects. The beauty is that he does all the coordination, so the normal headaches that come with this are his, not the homeowners.

I highly recommend Thom and his team for your remodeling needs - big or small."
      - Jos P., San Jose, CA

"Even though the work we need done is considered a "small" job for remodeling, Thom (the owner) didn't seem to mind and gave it his best attention. He gave us advice and was open in sharing his knowledge and information. You can tell he truly has interest in achieving the best for his clients and staying on budget. He asks good questions and provides options for me when we tell him of our budget constraints. So far, what I see from him is that he's resourceful, informational, responsible and professional. The job is still being worked on, but I'm feeling completely satisfied."
      - Christina L., Milpitas, CA

"...Right from the initial contact I was impressed with the owner's interest in our project and genuine desire to help us get it done in a way that matched our budget and needs. He gave us a lot of ideas that we hadn't originally considered and even offered some ideas for other home projects. We felt very comfortable contracting him for our project.

We are very pleased with the results of our project and I would not hesitate to recommend JNR Design Solutions."
      - Joshua H., San Jose, CA

"Lots of companies may give you a remodel design plan, possibly throw a couple of contractor referrals your way, and then wash their hands of the project. But JNR doesn't stop there. They see the project through to completion, helping with contractor selection, and making sure the plans are carried out efficiently and properly.

As a result, unlike projects before JNR, the remodel project went smoothly and I could spend my time living my life instead of dealing with problem contractors. Not only do I have a beautiful new kitchen, but I kept my sanity in the process. That alone is priceless!"
      - Travis H., San Jose, CA

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